Black Anal Enema

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It is perhaps one of the best anal douche that is ribbed. It is for those who are keen on getting the best of anal pleasure. It comes complete with a cleaning kit. Every adventure, either indoors or outdoors will certainly be a great experience with this ribbed anal douche. You will get many things including a slip applicator tip, squeeze bulk and a probe for measuring the beaded pleasure. You can stay away from the small accidents and injuries that could spoil the whole mood. Further, you will have nothing to complain as far as the cleaning experience and hygiene are concerned.
The anal sex toy is made from high quality PVC plastic. The tip is of polypropylene. It is not only easy to use and easy to clean but also can be disinfected completely. The design features allow total cleaning of both the insides and outside of the anal douche.
Features: Tapered with special ribbed pleasure attachment features. It also has a nozzle that is slender and lean ensuring ease of use. It is completely body safe and has the best of hygienic features. It comes with a measurement of 8.46 inches x 0.78 inches / 8.46in x 0.62in centimeters.

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