Anal Douche

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This is could be a favorite for those who love anal sex. It offers effective and safe pleasure. Further the cleansing is easy and therefore you can be sure about hygiene and safety. It helps your partner to remain always clean while both enjoy the best of anal play. The insertion happens easily and it is easy to use. This is because of the nozzle and bulb body that is slim.
It certainly is a necessity for those who are lovers of anal play but who are keen about hygiene and safety. It has a nifty glow and therefore you can see what is happening even when it is completely dark. You will love the way it satisfies your desires in a clean, efficient but thorough manner. It is ready for use whenever one has the mood.

Key Features: It certainly is an easy to use anal douche. It is enjoyable and clean. Comes with a squeezable bulb that is useful in sucking in and expelling water for the best of cleaning. Insertion is comfortable because of the narrow stem. 

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