Stoke It Dual Masturbator

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Always up for adding lots of extra texture and some seriously sexy eye candy to solo strokes or hand-job shenanigans with a playmate, the extra soft and ultra lifelike PureSkin Stroke It Dual Pussy & Ass fits easily in the palm.

Dive into either set of soft pink lips, then curl your fingers around the juicy material and squeeze to tighten up the grip of a super snug interior complete with lots of snug ridges, ribs and chambers. The Stroke It is closed around back, perfect for anyone craving sturdy suction- it'll build up naturally as you thrust it up and down.

Since there's no telling when you'll need a helping hand, the Stroke It comes sized for easy portability in briefcase, glove-box, office get the idea.

Soft and plushy, the TPR based PureSkin material is, of course, body safe and free from irritants. Easy to maintain, the Stroker washes up squeaky clean with some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Most compatible with water based lubes, so grab a favorite and get ready to slip and slide.






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