**Babylon Rechargeable Cockring with RC Vibrator

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This cock ring is a great addition for any couple looking to spice it up a little in the bedroom! Once again this cock ring is made from Medical Grade Silicone and ABS. They also designed this so that there is about a 45 degree angle from where it attaches to the shaft, to where it would make contact with the clitoris, allowing couples to achieve the most out of the product! This cock ring will have 9 patterns of vibration allowing you to find exactly what works best for you!! It is Rechargeable, and comes with the charger as well as a battery for the remote control, allow one hour of charge time for one hour of play time! Did I mention it has an IPX7 rating which means this bad boys fully submergible!


Try our Babylon brand, you won't be disappointed! We had a long list of qualities we wanted in a product and other brands just don't seem to have them all at an affordable price. So, we created our own brand with our own specifications!

*9 Patterns of vibration

*Charger for device included, <5v wall port NOT included

*Remote control with CR2032 battery INCLUDED

*1 hour to fully charge for up to 1 hour of pleasure

*Medical Grade Silicone + ABS

*IPX6 Waterproof

*<40dbs Noise

*Latex Free

*Phthalate Free


Made in China for Babylon

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