Babylon Men's 2 in 1 Mouth/Vagina Stroker

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This stroker is going to be made of ABS and TPE just like the last stroker, making them quite similar in build! This stroker is going to be a dual end, which means there is going to be a mouth on one end and a vagina on the other, this allows for a different stimulation depending on which entrance of the toy you are going to be using. If using the end with the mouth you are going to experience Undulating particles and a slight tighter ness on this side of the toy to better stimulate oral sex, near the center of the channel you will have the feeling of g-spot stimulation. Now if you are using the vaginal end you are going to have a slightly looser channel than on the mouth side, this side is going to offer spiral stripes around the inside of the channel and of course the g-spot stimulation once you near the center of the channel. This toy allows for men (or anyone with a penis) to experience two different stimulations with one toy! Pick what you are in the mood for that day! With this toy being dual ended that means that the channel is completely through the stroker and will allow for easy cleaning! If you open both ends of the stroker by twisting the locking end caps, you will then be able to remove the red rings, this will allow for the silicone center to easily come out for cleaning! Once out you can attach one end to the faucet and turn it on flushing it out, I suggest doing this from both sides to garauntee you've gotten all your gunk out! The insert can also be turned inside out allowing you to thoroughly clean the inside and or soak it! We suggest using a toy cleaner or an antibacterial soap and warm water! This toy is made of medical grade silicone and should only be used with water based lube

Try our Babylon brand, you won't be disappointed! We had a long list of qualities we wanted in a product and other brands just don't seem to have them all at an affordable price. So, we created our own brand with our own specifications!

Material: ABS+TPE

Size: 231mm*89mm*89mm 


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