Babylon Double Pleasure RC Pink

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The Babylon Double Pleasure with RC(remote control) this awesome toy is made up of 100% medical grade silicone and ABS plastic, it should be used with a water based lubricant (Wicked Lube Flavors, or the Wicked Toy Love are great pairs!) The Double Pleasure also has a rating of IPX7 which means that it is entirely waterproof and submersible, this also makes for easy cleaning! If you are looking to clean your toy warm water and antibacterial soap is a great option, Wickeds Foaming toy cleaner or Wickeds Cleene are also great options to optimize how long your toy lasts! This toy also allows for up to 30ft for the remote control. 
This toy is honestly great, it is perfect for liking double penetration. While there is an image of it being used analy, I strongly suggest against it. While it does have strings that could be used for retrieval it does not have a flared base  allowing for it to easily go a little too far and be unretrievable. This is wonderful to use vaginally with the antennas towards  the anus, this allows for you to have vaginal/ g-spot stimulation while allowing the antennas to vibrate and stimulate your partner while they penetrate your anus.  It can also be used strictly vaginally with the antennas stimulating the clitoris, you can also use it to stimulate just the clitoris, nipples, the frenulum as well as testicals or the anus(just please don't put it in) 
This toy has 4 settings for vibration speed and 6 patterns! for a total of 10 different variations of vibration, guaranteeing you to find something that works for you! This toy is also for partner play! Hand them the remote and let them do the controlling! 
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