Babylon Screaming Double Ended O

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This wonderful toy is going to offer you multiple ways of use! This toy not only offers air pulsation similar to the rose that is ever so popular it's shape also allows for the opposite side of the suction to be used similar to a wand head and the handle to be used for insertion as a normal dildo. That's three different functions from the toy! Not only does it have so many different ways to use it there's a plethora of different areas that you can use it on! The air pulsation piece can be used for earlobes, nipples, clitoral, or testical stimulation, while the handle can be used as a penetrative toy for hitting the g-spot or even the p-spot!  Yes that is right the head area is large enough to act as a flare so if you would like to use the handle for anal stimulation you can without risk of the toy accidentally being swallowed.  
Not only is this toy versatile for both men, women and everyone in between, but it is going to have 10 setting for the "sucking" settings 1-5 for the suction will be strictly suction settings 6-10 will be both vibration and suction! This also allows for the opposing end/ handle to accomodate 9 vibration settings 1-3 will be vibration speed and 4-9 will be pattern settings! The options for this toy are absolutely endless! 
This toy is made up entirely of 100% medical grade silicone and ABS plastic, which allows for the toy to have an extent of flexibility which will also help in aiding pleasure to different areas of the body and on any person. With silicone toys please ensure use with a water based lubricant as silicone lubricant on silicone toys will degrade the material over time making it more prone to build bacteria and harder to clean! This toy is also rated IPX7 meaning this bad boy is 100% waterproof! Just takes 1.5 hours of charging for 1.5 hours of pleasure! 
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