Babylon Wand Massager Black

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Try our Babylon brand, you won't be disappointed! We had a long list of qualities we wanted in a product and other brands just don't seem to have them all at an affordable price. So, we created our own brand with our own specifications!

Size: 7.87in *1.38in *1.38in (200mm*44mm*44mm / 199g)
4*7 Vibration Patterns
1.5 hours to fully charge for up to 1 hour of pleasure
IPX7 Waterproof
<40dbs Noise
Latex Free
Phthalate free
USB charger INCLUDED, <5v wall adapter NOT included

This wand is going to measure in at 7.87 inches long from one end to the other. Handle measuring 5.12 inches long, and the flexible head at 1.81 inches long and 1.83 inches wide. The head portion of the wand is safe to insert however the handle on this wand does not allow for it to be inserted. To make this toy function you will begin by pressing and holding the On/ Off button for 3 seconds, to switch patterns you will press the button with the sgwiggle (it looks like a heart beat line LOL) and to change the speed or frequency of the vibration you will push the button with the bar graph on it. This wand will have 7 types of vibration patterns, and 4 speed variations! Which is a total of 28 different settings!! Now that is enough to blow your socks off! The base of the head is flexible which allows for it to be maneuvered as you please. This wand is entirely made up of 100% medical grade silicone and ABS! As with all silicone toys this toy is suggested to be used with only water based lubricants, as silicone on silicone can wear down the material and safety of the toy! This toy is also rated IPX7 so it is entirely waterproof, and is rechargeable! 
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