Babylon Hand Held Stainless Steel Wand Small

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Stainless steel toys are actually one of the better and more popular toys on the market.
If you like relentlessly firm pressure on your erogenous zones, then stainless steel is the choice for you as it allows for the deep rigid pressure that often times the g-spot and p-spot require. They also tend to be on the heavier side, making for a good impact on the g-spot area or as a plug leaving the feeling that it is there without being so heavy as to fall out. 
Not only are they great for more pressure, they are also great for temperature play. Stainless steel as a material allows for the toy to pick up temperatures from around it, whether you choose to put it in the freezer, touch it to ice, put it in warm or hot water, or go off at room temperature these toys allow you to play with and find what you really like. 
These wands also do not offer a vibration setting, this can lead to more communication in the bed room between partners as these will have to be hitting and rubbing on the right areas in order to get the partner to orgasm where as vibration toys spread vibration it isn't pinpointed leaving more room for error. They also allow for better self discovery. 
Have I also mentioned these toys have a non porous surface allowing for easy clean up and use with all lubes! Silicone or water based as the lubes will not break down the material! You can also wash, boil, or even put these in your dishwasher! 
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