Sucking Breast and Nipple Massager

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  • Product Name: Breast Pump Sucking Nipple Massager
  • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
  • Breast Pump Sucking Nipple Massager. Material:ABS + Silicone. Color:Pink. Packaging Size(mm):258*160*150.

Product Description:


Do you want to get some serious stimulating suction for the nipples or breasts? Then this is the ideal tool for you. They are huge and can provide you with the perfect suction and great pleasure. They can target the sensitive area of the flesh around the breast for the right amount of pleasure and stimulation. These suction cups are made up of sturdy acrylic material. They are strategically made crystal clear to watch the suction. The quick release dedicated switch can help to stop the suction as soon as you want it to stop.

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