Realistic Inflatable Anal Plug with Pump

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Butt stimulation may never be the same again when one has a closer look at this Inflatable device. It may also be a great option for those who are keen on understanding more about consensual punishment. It is feature rich and most importantly, it is easy to use. It can be easily inserted with a light bit of push. Having it inflated may make it easier for penetration. You can change the inflation levels depending on the mood and desire of your partner. When you inflate the device with a round 14 to 15 squeezes of the ball, the thickness will be around 2.5 inches. Do not over inflate to avoid risks of accidents.
The partner can be sure that you are clean by having an enema bulk attached to the hose. The anal plug whether fully inflated or not can be cleaned easily with the help of soapy water or with the help of a quality fluid or foam based detergent. It is compatible with almost all water based lubricants. On the whole you will like it and it will offer you good value for money.

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