Opulent Self-Tanning Mitts

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Flawless tans don’t just happen on their own. Just like a makeup artist needs the right tools to create a look, you need the right mitt to get a streakless fake tan application.

  • Our mitts are made from a soft-sponge fabric to ensure an even application.
  • Foam-lined inside protects any product from transferring through onto your hands.
  • Triple-layered glove to ensure a firm glove to make the application a breeze.
  • Prevents streaks, splotches, or any accidental splashes from happening. No one wants a spotty tan.
  • Two sizes to ensure you get all the hard to reach places.

In makeup artistry school, they teach you that having the right tools can make a world of difference. And this applies to nearly everything in life. To achieve that dreamy, flawless tan you need mitts that won’t transfer or waste products. If you have ever applied a self-tanner before, you know you 1000% need a glove.

Our Opulent Self-Tanning Mitts include a full hand mitt that is used to apply our Opulent Mousse to your body. It also includes a small finger mitt, which is used to apply our Self-Tanning mousse to your face and hard to reach places.

  • These easy-to-use mitts are reusable.
  • These mitts are machine washable.
  • Each set comes with two mitts, a full-body mitt, and a face mitt.
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