Master Series Cum-Thru D-Ring Silicone Plug

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This sexy black penis plug affords you the sensations of urethral play with a material that is flexible and lightweight. The high-quality silicone bends with your body and the D-ring at the end lets you retrieve the plug with ease. A thru-hole leaves this cock toy open at both ends so that it can even be worn during ejaculation or urination.

Recommended to use with a sterile lubricant only. 

Measurements: 0.42 inch max insertable width, 2.19 inch insertable length, 3.18 inch total length, D-ring is 1.08 inches wide

Material: Silicone

Color: Black

This toy is specifically designed for urethral play, and proper research and products should be used before attempting, as this is a highly sensitive area of the body and can be prone to UTI's. Many find themselves enjoying urethral play as the more advanced you become the deeper you can reach using different urethral play toys, which allows for a more direct route for prostate play! Urethral play is not limited to shallow or deep play but many also find that stretching the urethra can also be pleasurable. 

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