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Try our Babylon brand, you won't be disappointed! We had a long list of qualities we wanted in a product and other brands just don't seem to have them all at an affordable price. So, we created our own brand with our own specifications!

* 9 * 9 modes vibration +3 modes vibration

*Magnetic charger for device included, <5v wall port NOT included

*Wired remote control to vibrators

*2 hours to fully charge for up to 1.5 hours of pleasure

*Medical Grade Silicone + ABS

*IPX6 Water Resistant

*<50dbs Noise

*Latex Free

*Phthalate Free


Made in China for Babylon

This masturbator is going to have tons off texture on the inside, with small bumps on both entrances, and a swirling as well as larger bumps in the center of the tunnel, this is to stimulate a more accurate feeling of the inside of the vaginal cavity. It is going to have a cord that will go to the remote control, however unlike the last one this mastubator is going to have TWO motors, with one motor going on each side of the toy. These motors are removable to make cleaning the toy easy or allowing for you to use it without vibration. 
This toy is going to be roughly 4 inches in length. made entirely of medical grade silicone as well as ABS plastic. It is not fully water proof, but is water resistant, you can easily clean the two motors off with a wet rag and cleaner, while cleaning the silicone part with water to any degree. This also takes 2 hours to charge but gives you up to an hour and a half of play time! It's also a great "head helper" seeing as this toy is roughly 4inches in length it makes the perfect addition to giving head, as you can use your mouth on the tip and this stroker on the shaft! 
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