Babylon Electronic Vibrating Sucker/Vagina Combo Kit

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Lucky for us our Penis pump duals as a masterbator as well, and not only that but it is electric and rechargeable!! 
With the Babylon Electronic Vibrating Sucker/ Vagina Combo Pump, you are going to get a plethora of options! 
It is going to come with TWO silicone attachments. The light grey attachment is going to go on the pump when they are looking to use it as a pump and not a masterbator, this piece is going to function as a seal, creating a seal from the pump to the penis and not allowing air to escape and the product to function normally. The vagina silicone piece is going to be an attachment they will put into the pump when they are looking to use it as a masterbator. 
If they are looking to use the toy as a pump as stated above they are going to attach the grey silicone piece, this is going to create a full seal around the penis and allow for the pump to actually "suck." Using this piece they will insert the penis, and then use the power button to turn the device on, from there they are going to push the "swirl" button, this button is what turns on the suction, once suction is on it will work as a normal pump. This should never become painful, if it does the pump is to be turned off immediately. If they double click the "swirl" button this will turn on a 1s suction, meaning it will suck, deflate, suck deflate creating a suction pattern(this pattern can also be used with the vaginal silicone piece. 
When looking to use the pump as a masterbator they are going to attach the silicone vagina attachment. From here they can then lube up and use the toy as a normal pocket pussy. Now using it as a normal pocket pussy is great, but since it is an attachment for the pump they can then turn on 9 different vibration settings to feel through the toy as well as the suction to create a feeling similar to a blow job. The vaginal silicone attachment is going to be built with 3 different internal patterns: G-spot stimulation(furthest from entry), irregular spiral patterns(in the center), and bumpy glands for better pleasure(closest to entry).

Try our Babylon brand, you won't be disappointed! We had a long list of qualities we wanted in a product and other brands just don't seem to have them all at an affordable price. So, we created our own brand with our own specifications!

*9 modes vibration + multi-suction

*2.5h fully charge for up to 2.5h pleasure

*Material: ABS + Medical Grade Silicone + TPE

*IPX6 Waterproof

*<40dbs Noise

*Latex Free

*Phthalate Free


*Magnetic USB Charger included, <5v wall port NOT included

Made in China for Babylon

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