MOD Love Deluxe Thruster Machine

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POWER: MOD Love is powered by the strongest motor available in its class, delivering a full 2-inch stroke at up to 200+ times per minute.

OPTIONS: The MOD LOVE thruster can be used with its supplied stand for a hands-free experience or can be detached from the base to quickly become a hand held toy with unlimited maneuverability.

ADJUSTABLE: The unique mounting system allows for positioning the machine in a multitude of directions and angels, allowing its use in any position.

SOLID: MOD LOVE is mounted to a sturdy metal base that features power suction cups that attach to any smooth surface. The suction cups can be quickly removed to reveal a non-scratch protective coating on the base itself.

COMPACT: MOD LOVE can be easily set up and disassembled for easy storage. MOD LOVE is 26" x 12" x 9" and weighs 6 lbs.

Be sure to check out the full line of MOD LOVE Wand and MOD LOVE Suction Cup accessories for the MOD Love Deluxe Thruster Kit Fuck Machine!

This wonderful sex machine is unparrallel in comparison to others. It is made up of primarily metal and ABS plastic, it does however have silicone attachments. This machine, measures around 26 inches long by 9 inches wide by 12 inches tall and weights 6 pounds, with a sturdy hands-free sturdy metal base and suction cup feet, it even comes with an extra-long cord for your convenience. 
Looking to let your partner take control? It has an adjustable handle. This machine also allows for you to adjust the base to use it in multiple different positions at all kinds of angles. 
BUT... are you ready for the best part?? 
Are you ready to go faster and deeper than ever? The Mod Love Deluxe Thrusting Sex machinge features the STRONGEST motor in its class. This machine delivers an extra-long-2-inch stroke which is about double what most brands offer! With the smooth and flexible silicone dildo attachment measuring at 7.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide (Make sure to use water based lube!!) The attachment also features a tapered tip for easy penetration. Now for the best part yet, this machine comes with a versatile dial controller, allowing you to adjust the speed quickly and easily even in the heat of the moment. Thrusting actions start out gentle and steady, but all it takes is a quick twist of the wrist to max out the power for fast, furious and 'gasmic thrusting! When I say fast and furious I am not lying at the, at its highest speed this machine can reach 200+ strokes PER MINUTE!!! Yes, you read that right, 200+ Strokes per minute or 3.3 strokes PER SECOND!! 
Doesn't matter your relationship status, this machine has you covered. Simply detaching the machine from the base and fitting the handle around the thruster case, allows for your partner to take charge. The handle is also fully adjustable so both righties or lefties can use it comfortably. 
It is strongly recomended that you start with one of the lower settings and giving your body time to adjust to the sex machine's intense power. 
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