Babylon Rabbit Light Pink

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This toy is made up of 100% medical grade silicone which makes it entirely safe for the body. The "ears" of the bunny also have this wonderful feature of being very flexible allowing for this toy to hit all of the right places. 

This toy can be used either for clitoral, or nipple stimulation. You could also use it for anal stimualtion as long as it is not being inserted. Given that the ears also move and allow for them to separate, this is also able to be used in stimulation of the tip of the penis, shaft and testicles. 

This rabbit is also going to offer 9 separate vibration functions, and features an LED light at the base of the toy that will change color based on the setting of the vibrations. Yes, that means this toy lights up in 9 different ways to correlate with to the setting you are using. This is a great feature, if you are someone who prefers solo or partner play in the dark because you will be able to tell the setting just by the color of the light showing. 

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