Peachy Triple Play 3 Motor Vibrator (Vibrates, Taps and Air Swirl)

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This is a 3 motor vibrator! This toy is made up of 100% medical grade silicone and ABS, it is rated a waterproof rating of IPX7 which means it is completely submersible. It is rechargeable, and I would allow around a 2 hour charge time, now given this has 3 motors the battery life will most likely last up to 60 minutes, depending on if you are using all 3 motors and what setting you have it set to. The higher the frequency of the vibration/ tapping/ swirling will take more juice from the battery. 

All Motors function separately as well as turn on separately, when looking at the outer curvature of the toy you will notice 3 buttons! Top will show a pair of lips, this is the button that will control the air swirl motor/ clitoral stimulation, this has 5 different frequencies! Second button will show what I am going to call a hill like image this will be the control for the g-spot tapping and will also have 5 frequencies. Next is the last button, which shows a mountain like image, this will turn on vibration in the shaft of the toy, which offers 3 frequencies and 7 patterns! Now when you take into consideration all three motors are controlled separately this makes for an almost endless option of patterns you can make to do exactly as you want!

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